Beautiful Beach Weddings


“I do…” every couple waits for the day they’ll utter these words to express the passionate feel that each partner has towards the other. For this to be unique, the setting has to be memorable; have something that will look appealing in all angles from the location of the area to the exceptional cuisine provided in the menu. A perfect example for this is a beach wedding.

The serenity of the sea together with the wiggling blond sands of the beaches provides an artistic feel to any wedding. The relaxation is nothing compared to the traditional church wedding thanks to the blend of beautiful weather together with striking scenery available at the beach. The natural theme also offers an awe-inspiring backdrop provided by the sun, the sand and the waters of the sea – a definite breathtaking experience!

The location you choose matters since not all beaches are the same. However, most Australian beach wedding beaches will work for you. There are packages you can buy such as purpose built beach ceremony packages to make your work easier, or you can choose to inquire from relevant authorities a list of elite beaches to have your wedding. Get to know the tide times and the maximum number of people allowed to attend because the beach can be quite breezy and chilly at times, mostly during the night. If you are expecting a huge audience, having the event at a shore side hotel will certainly work best for you.

When it comes to service, there are companies specialized in beach weddings and they have the experience and work load to offer you exceptional service. In case you have any issues with the arrangement these professionals will ensure that the matter is solved within no time and the reception becomes a success.

A canopy or shelter is not only efficient on a wet or a very hot day, but also attractive in these blond beaches. It will give your wedding a great contrasting focus point. Imagine having your moment on the beach at night, flowers all over, beautiful candle/ LED lighting, soundtrack coming from the sea and the audience dancing to a sweet tune of a harp – truly romantic.

A BBQ is an excellent choice to be included in the menu. It is best that you leave the work to an expert caterer to avoid health and safety issues. The caterer will ensure that appropriate equipment is used for the job and the food is served in good condition.

The beach you choose should also be accessible for all. Adequate parking should be considered including special designated parking for the elderly and the mobility impaired guests who might find it hard to deal with the sand or pebbles. Temporary walkways for the day will be great for them once you get permission from the local authority.

Beach weddings are informal, what you wear simply depends on how the weather is doing. It is good to have a beach outfit that is ‘all-weather’ – both for hot and cool days. And don’t forget to apply sun cream to keep your skin healthy. Go for a light casual wear and keep your hair loose. This will help you withstand the warm and breezy wedding atmosphere.